Tamil Nadu: Cops raise money for 5-year-old girl’s open heart surgery


A police head constable and the inspector of the station he works at managed to raise Rs 5 lakh for the open heart surgery of his five-year-old neighbour. The girl, who suffers from multiple life-threatening heart abnormalities, underwent a seven-hour surgery and was discharged on Saturday.
Kavishka was diagnosed to have multiple heart conditions including dextrocardia (abnormal position of the heart) at birth. Her father Karthik works as a salesman in an electronics shop in the city and the family lived in Guduvanchery. P Senthil Kumar, head constable and writer at the Nandambakkam police station, had befriended Karthik when he moved tot he neighbourhood two years ago.

While Kaviksha had undergone three angiograms and was under regular medication, during a recent checkup, the doctors treating her insisted that she needed another angiogram. “Karthik’s financial condition worsened during the lockdown so he kept postponing his daughter’s treatment,” said Senthil. The constable, who learned about the situation, arranged for Rs 30,000 initially.
But Kavishka’s health condition deteriorated and the doctors said she has to undergo an open-heart surgery immediately to remove a block.

“The surgery cost Rs 5 lakh. Karthik was hesitant to seek help and did not tell how dire the situation was. I came to know about the condition from a neighbour,” said Senthil Kumar, who then appraoched his station inspector M Thangaraj. Thangaraj stepped in and decided to crowd source the money.
He contacted a private hospital at Nandambakkam and scheduled the surgery after collecting an initial amount of Rs 45,000 from the personnel in the Nandambakkam station. He arranged the remaining amount from people he knew.

“I am happy that our timely help could save the child’s life. I hope seeing this, others come forward and help those in need,” said inspector Thangaraj.
Kavishka was hospitalized and underwent a seven-hour surgery on July 1. She was discharged on Saturday night.