Forex Trading Strategy For Trading The Middle Bollinger Band

Bollinger Bands are a popular indicator used by traders to identify market trends and volatility. The indicator consists of three bands, the upper, lower, and middle bands. The middle band is a simple moving average that is typically set to a period of 20. In this article, we will discuss a forex trading strategy for trading the middle Bollinger Band.

Understanding Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands are based on standard deviation, which measures the variability of a price series over a set period. The upper and lower bands are set two standard deviations away from the middle band. When the market is volatile, the bands expand, and when the market is less volatile, the bands contract. Traders use Bollinger Bands to identify potential trading opportunities based on the bands’ movements.

Trading Strategy

The trading strategy we will discuss involves trading the middle Bollinger Band using a combination of price action and technical indicators. Here are the steps to follow:1. Identify the trend: Before entering a trade, it is essential to identify the trend. You can use the middle Bollinger Band to do this. If the price is consistently above the middle band, the trend is considered bullish, and if the price is consistently below the middle band, the trend is considered bearish.2. Wait for a pullback: Once you have identified the trend, wait for a pullback towards the middle Bollinger Band. The pullback should be within one standard deviation of the middle band. This means that the price should not touch the upper or lower bands.3. Confirm with technical indicators: Once you have identified a pullback, confirm the trade with technical indicators. You can use the RSI or MACD to confirm the trade. If the RSI or MACD is oversold, it is a good indication that the price will bounce back towards the middle band.4. Enter the trade: Once you have confirmed the trade, enter the trade with a stop loss below the recent swing low. The take profit level should be the upper Bollinger Band for a bullish trade and the lower Bollinger Band for a bearish trade.


Q: Can this strategy be used for other markets besides forex?
A: Yes, this strategy can be used for any market that uses Bollinger Bands.Q: What time frame should I use for this strategy?
A: This strategy can be used on any time frame, but it works best on the higher time frames such as the 4-hour and daily charts.Q: What is the success rate of this strategy?
A: The success rate of this strategy depends on market conditions and your trading skills. It is recommended to backtest the strategy before using it in a live trading account.


The trading strategy for trading the middle Bollinger Band is a simple yet effective way to identify potential trading opportunities. By combining price action and technical indicators, you can increase your chances of success. Remember to always use proper risk management and to backtest the strategy before using it in a live trading account.Terima kasih sudah membaca artikel ini. Silahkan baca artikel lainnya.